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Ten thousand dollars, that is the average insurance claim in relation to "water damage and freezing" according to the Insurance Information Institute. Each year, one in 50 homeowners will file one of these claims. Here are some tips to share and reduce the risk this winter:

-Keep your garage door closed (it’s also a Community rule).

-Drain your garden hoses and hose bibbs. Remove all garden hoses and turn off the inside water line. Don't forget to open the bibbs to allow excess water to drain off. Consider investing in frost free bibbs.

-Allow your faucets to drip. Allowing a trickle of water to run through the faucet will relieve pressure in your pipes if they happen to freeze. (only interior faucets, please note)

-If you are leaving for vacation, turn your water off.

-Maintain a minimum temperature inside the condo of 63 degrees.

-Open vanity cabinets. Leave your vanity cabinet doors open so warm air can circulate around the pipes (during extreme cold temps)

-Check for drafts. Feel for drafts near where pipes, cables and wires enter the home.

-Every precaution you take is a helpful step in reducing the risk of pipes bursting.

-Confirm you have homeowners insurance and if renting the unit, the renter has coverage for what you are responsible for.